The Book “Chalabi Oghloo Monastery and Tomb: An experience in Renovation and Restoration”

Published in 2009

Chalabi Oghloo Historic Complex is a construction dating back to the Mongol Ilkhanid dynasty and is located in the city of Soltanieh. The complex consists of a tomb and a monastery, and was built in commemoration of Aref Chalabi Oghloo, Molavi’s grandson, and Baha-od-Din-e-Valad’s son.

The complex has been subject to several renovations and restoration which have raised some criticism in recent decades.

This book presents a report of studies and renovations that took place between 1378 and 1385 in solar calendar. These operations include studying, recognizing, designing, and renovating and restoring the complex, many of which feature interesting points and some new techniques in the country’s renovation activities.

The objective behind publishing this report was not only to record and transfer renovation methods, but also to provide the opportunity for the societies of scholars, architects, and people who renovate historic buildings of the country.

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