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Zandigan Consulting Company was formally registered in 1381, but began to work only one decade ago.

Those years, the members came together with a few years of work experience, and formed an unofficial group called “Arg Architectural Group”. After a few years, the group expanded, and was formally registered as a consulting company entitled “Zandigan Architecture and Renovation Consulting Company”. As suggested by the name, this consulting company is active in both architecture and renovation fields. In the field of architecture, this company has most worked in the residential section, despite the fact that it has also carried out a number of projects in administrative, industrial, cultural, and religious architecture. As far as renovating historic structures, it has simultaneously operated in design and construction in 1370s and 80s.

However, in the recent years, it has focused more on study, renovation, and restoration projects. The directors of Zandigan Architecture and Renovation Consulting Company are: Mohammad Reza Nikbakht, Shahram Behzadian, Keyvan Varghayi, Mojtaba Fathi, and Yaser Moosapour.

Featured Residential ItemMehrAfarin Residential Building – Mahmodiyeh (2009)

Featured Residential ItemSarv Residential Building – Niavaran (2004)