“Zandigan Architecture and Renovation Consulting Company”, with Mohammad Reza Nikbakht, Shahram Behzadian, Mojtaba Fathi, Keyvan Varghayi as the directors, has been working in designing and supervising architectural projects as well as renovating historical monuments for roughly fifteen years. Our professional background partly features the design and construction of over one hundred residential, commercial, and cultural projects, along with devising a renovation and restoration plan for edifices such as the Bayazid Bastami Complex. Publishing the book “Renovation and Restoration of Chalabi-Oghlou Tomb” which reports the experiences gained in the course of the project, is among the publications by Zandigan Company. The company released the book “Component Architecture” authored by Mohammad Reza Nikbakht in the beginning of 1394. This book presents a selection of architectural details designed and constructed all through the years he has been active in the field, which has now been published with illustrations, plans, and due remarks.

Featured Residential ItemLaleh Residential Building – Aghdasieh (2006)

Featured Residential ItemShahrzad Residential Building – Darrous (2009)